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Follow the road to music—travel the drum highway.

Welcome to Drum Highway

Drum Highway was designed to solve the most common issues students encounter by using techniques developed to help them overcome roadblocks quickly. This website is for the drum student who is looking for a common-sense approach to learning the instrument, and for music institutions and private teachers looking for a student-tested method to use in their own lessons. 

Why am I here? - A Drum Highway introduction

Drum Highway - The Book!

Educators and Institutions

  • “Josh's method shows the relationship and connection between different grooves and genres, and for the drummer, that takes you right to the heart of the music.”
    -Steve Ferrone

What's Included

Access to All Courses

You can access lessons anywhere using your phone, tablet, or computer. Fully functioning on Mac and PC.

Lesson Resources

Multiple camera angles and notation on the screen will help guide you through any lesson.

Personal Support

If you have questions. Just ask!

  • “Play any gig, anywhere, anytime, with anyone, for any amount of money.”
  • “When you’re the drummer in the band, and no one is looking at you, that means everything is going well.”