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When is the best day to start drumming? Today!

What is Drum Highway?

Drum Highway is the perfect resource for drummers and educators.
I put together a FREE Bundle called "Learn the 5 Fundamental Beats to Play 5 Million Songs!"


How Drum Highway Can Help Your Band Program

Drum Highway is for Everyone

5 Beats to play 5 million songs

  • “Josh's method shows the relationship and connection between different grooves and genres, and for the drummer, that takes you right to the heart of the music.”
    -Steve Ferrone, drummer for Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, and many others.
  • “Drum Highway is amazingly thorough! I think it's not only great for beginners but for advanced players looking to play open handed.”
    -Mark Walker, professor of percussion, Berklee College of Music

What's Included

Access to All Courses

You can access lessons anywhere using your phone, tablet, or computer. Fully functioning on Mac and PC.

Lesson Resources

Multiple camera angles and notation on the screen will help guide you through any lesson.

Personal Support

If you have questions. Just ask!

  • “Josh is an incredible instructor! I started taking drum lessons with him a year ago, with no previous music background. Now I am in a band and I just played my first gig!”
    -Jennifer Corbin
  • “Josh is an amazing instructor. Our older daughter took lessons for almost 10 years and our younger son is currently a student. Even though they have different learning styles, Josh is a perfect fit for both.”
    -Doyle and Shannon Slifer