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Getting Started Part 1 -Drum Sticks

Buying Drum Sticks

Disclaimer: I'm not connected to these websites or brands even thought I use some of them. I'm offering links to good basic gear that you might find helpful. Feel free to do other research or purchase other brands, and by all means, if you can buy local, I hope you do! 

Drum Sticks:

Lots of different kinds of sticks out there for various music situations. A good place to start is with a 5A (thinner and a pretty light) or 5B (a thicker stick with a bit more weight). Ultimately, the sticks that feels good is the one you should use. Smaller person? 5A. Adult? 5B. Either would be fine for basic school band or drum set playing. Sticks are made from all kinds of wood. Hickory is the most common. It's durable and easy to find. Maple(a lighter wood) and Oak(heavier) are also used but don't overthink it. I would also recommend wood tips for now. 

Here is a basic 5A stick. And here is a basic 5B stick. 

Sometimes concert band can require a special kind of sticks. There are others but these are the ones I have always used. Vic Firth SD1 General. But you are in in school band and have 5A drumsticks, you're fine. 

Marching band requires a much heavier stick. Different schools and programs may have certain models they like to use, but these are one of the standards. 

Vic Firth Corpsmaster MS5


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  • Josh on

    Thanks Gary! So glad to hear you are getting back into drumming! If you have any other questions please message me at All the best, Josh

  • Gary Licata on

    I am interested in learning the basics of playing drums again, as I haven’t played for many years and am sure I’ve become quite rusty. Thanks for having your web channel . G.L.

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